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Discovering the magnificence of the Toya-Usu UNESCO Global Geopark

Volcanic activity transforms the earth into natural beauty.
Interweaving mountains, lakes, and trees into a picturesque scene.
With each passing moment, the earth’s gentle breath shifts the hues.
Overwhelming all five senses, this is truly an earthly “Geo-” blessing.
“Can you feel it? Even now, our world lives and breathes.”

The Geopark A gift from nature.

Feel the vitality of the earth with all of your senses. With Lake Toya as its center, the Toya-Usu UNESCO Global Geopark encompasses the city of Date and the towns of Toyoura, Sobetsu, and Toyako. The picturesque imagery silently conveys the story of the lake, the islands, and the mountains spanning over 110,000 years.

Crater lake TOYA

Lake Toya The caldera lake.

Popular even within Hokkaido for its photogenic scenery, the enormous Lake Toya was formed by a gigantic volcanic eruption 110,000 years earlier. And the island floating in the middle? … Tell me more!


The Volcano Ever imposing.

Even now, Mt. Usu continues to show volcanic activity. The people living in this area have learned to accept both its grace and menacing threat, and coexist with this active mountain. … Tell me more!


The Hot Springs A place to relax.

One of the many blessings of this land, the five hot springs, or “onsen” within the Geopark are Toyako-onsen, Kitayuzawa-onsen, Bankei-onsen, Toyoura-onsen, and Date-onsen. Each one is unique in its own way. … Tell me more!

Recommended Routes Need a suggestion?

The Toya-Usu UNESCO Global Geopark straddles 4 municipalities, and makes up a part of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. These recommended routes take into account the 4 seasons as well as the purpose of your visit.
No matter the season or time of day, may you have a good time here.

- Season’s Best Routes -

Route for Trekking

Trekking Route At your own pace.

Around the lake, on to the island, through the forests, and feel the trees. Over the hills, gaze at the waters, climb the hills, and move along the streams. Walk at your own pace, taking in the tranquility of nature.
Check out this route.

Route for Photogenic

Photogenic Route For the shutterbug.

Be taken in by blue indigo waters, or by the golden yellow leaves. Stillness as clear white, or of emotion that reflects the sky. All the colors of nature, seen through your viewfinder. Check out this route.

Route for Camping

Camping Route A night out under the stars.

Under the vast sky and surrounded by refreshing greenery. Enjoy a meal truly from the earth. Relax, and spend your time in nature. Take in the land’s blessings to your heart’s content. Check out this route.

Area Guide About this region.

One city and three towns are included the area designated as the Toya-Usu UNESCO Global Geopark They are the city of Date, and the towns of Toyoura, Sobetsu, and Toyako, and each municipality has its own charms and specialties.

The Geopark is located in the Iburi region of Hokkaido, located about 90 minutes southwest from New Chitose Airport. With the symbolic Lake Toya in the center, its vast area overlaps with the city of Date, and the towns of Toyoura, Sobetsu, and Toyako. From mountains and lakes, seas and rivers, forests and hills, and of course, hot springs, this area is blessed with wonderful nature. The picturesque sights here are the result of many years of nature’s hard work.

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